Vigilia Server

There are many reasons why some prefer to be in charge of their own servers:

  • In some jurisdictions, data cannot be freely sent to the cloud;
  • Can work without access to the Internet;
  • Better control over access inside your corporate network;
  • Selling Vigilia subscriptions (see Reseller).

We offer annual licenses to run your own Vigilia server. It is in every point identical to the ones we are running. (In fact, we are running an instance of Vigilia Server to offer our Vigilia service.) You have the ability to create organizations, user accounts, projects... You even have the ability to let users create trial accounts and record projects for 2 weeks!

Free Updates

We don't charge for updates. When you use our product, you are entitled to get the very best we can offer.

When we add a new feature to our Vigilia service, you'll get it too.

Unlimited Recording

Unlike the Vigilia service where the price increases for every 6 months of data, you can record for as long as you want on your server. Just make sure you have enough space on your hard drives!


Licenses are priced in tiers by the maximum quantity of BACnet objects recorded.

  • 10k objects : $450/month;
  • 20k objects : $780/month (13% rebate);
  • 40k objects : $1350/month (25% rebate);
  • More objects : Contact us, we'll make you a great deal!

Easy (and Optional) Installation

Once you have a license, you'll be able to use the short guide showing how to install and configure a Vigilia server.

If you need help, just send us an email at and we'll contact you back in a jiffy!

And if you really don't like the boring technical stuff, we can prepare a physical server and ship it to you!